The key outputs of the GQMP since its inception in 2007 are as follows:

a. 234 offices have QMS that are ISO 9001 certified
b. Nine (9) agencies were assisted on the development of QMS certifiable to ISO 9001
  Agencies Primary and Secondary Registration Year Certified to ISO 9001
1. Bureau of Internal Revenue QMS Process Scope 2011
2. Home Development Mutual Fund Membership Registration 2011
3. Social Security System Registration and Coverage of the SSS 2011
4. Cooperative Development Authority Registration of cooperatives 2014
5. Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Core/Realization Processes (Member Coverage Management and Provider Management), Management and Support 2014
6. Department of Budget and Management Policy Formulation; Preparation, Management and Administration of the National Budget; and Monitoring and Analysis of the Performance 2015
7. Bureau of Immigration Entry and Exit Formalities for Primary Inspection of Foreign Nationals at NAIA Terminals 1, 2 and 3 2016
8. Bureau of Customs Import and Export Permit Not completed
9. Department of Tourism Program Management Not completed
c. Three (3) QMS publications were released
d. One (1) Government QMS Standards was published
e. Three (3) ISO QMS conferences were held
f. Two (2) QMS Lead Auditors Course were conducted
g. Four (4) recognition ceremonies for agencies with ISO 9001 certifications were held
h. Two (2) newspaper advertisements of agencies with ISO 9001 certifications were released
i. Press releases and media coverage of the recognition ceremonies were distributed and made, respectively
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